Sustainability is at the heart of Edner, it is engrained into our philosophy and a leading factor in our mission as a sustainable clothing brand.

Sustainability is a process and a learning curve for everyone involved, It takes time to adjust your thinking to a sustainable focused mindset and involves a-lot of new ways to do things the right way.

We pride ourselves on our sustainability, from the materials we use for our clothes; Our fabrics, our trims and our recycled & recyclable packaging. Right down to the recycling of paper and energy usage in our office from day to day.

We offset all our carbon emissions as a business through Carbon Neutral Britain, and use whole garment technology when manufacturing our clothes creating zero waste, all paper used in our packaging is recycled  


Our Factories:

We care about how and where our fabrics are made, and are able to manufacturer them globally to ensure the highest quality, most sustainable end product for you.

When it comes to creating new collections, we look at a few very important factors; Quality, Materials, Price, Labour Practices, Factory Waste and the Environmental Work of the factories. We always choose Quality over Cost.

Here is a list of the factories we work with:


We've worked with our partners in Hong-Kong from the very beginning, We checked samples from many different factories worldwide to ensure we got the best, and we found it in Hong-Kong. Therefore they produce all of our knitwear at Edner.

The companies that we work with in Hong-Kong have been audited by SEDEX. The SEDEX audit is based on site visits, policy reviews and interviews with the teams. It focuses on health and safety, labour, environment, and business ethics. 

A main reason we work with our Hong-Kong partners is due to their use of Shima Seiki machines, Shima Seiki are whole garment technology resulting in zero fabric waste.

Our Fabrics:

Our product development team is always working on ways to recreate the classics and build timeless style, sustainably for the future of city fashion. Our garments are created to be stylish, comfortable, functional, durable and sustainable to allow you to choose Edner for your daily essentials whether you live in the city, work in the office, or are just going into the city for a trip with friends and want to impress.

BCI Cotton:

BCI Cotton makes production better for the people who produce it and better for the environment it grows in. They do this by training the farmers who harvest the crop better, more sustainable practices.

Just to name a few, BCI Farmers promote water stewardship to minimise the use but maximise water productivity, therefore conserving water. BCI Farmers enhance bio-diversity and use land responsibly as well as improving soil health. BCI Farmers have phased out the use of pesticides. BCI Farmers do not use any child labour and children on the farms engage in education. 


We are always working to be better and more sustainable, If you have any questions or any suggestions on how to improve. Please reach out via instagram at @EdnerClo